What is included in rental amount?

Accommodation of a number of persons suitable for the defined capacity of the villa, Wi-Fi, all utilities expenses during the rental period, mid cleaning every 7 days, maintenance of the pool and the garden, technical service in case of failure and 8% VAT are included in the rental amount.

What is offered in the villa?

Every villa has its own garden and pool. Villas are furnished with equipment you may need for the comfort of your own house. There are full furniture decoration and white appliances, kitchen equipment, 32” LCD TV, satellite receiver system, DVD/CD player, stereo with Ipod dock, safe , iron and ironing table, hair dryer, wardrobes and coat hangers and a barbecue in the garden.

Is Wi-Fi available?

Villas have free Wi-Fi . You can find for the Wi-Fi password in the Information File available in the villa.

Wi-Fi service is provided with outdoor antenna. As the antennas are located outside, it may not provide coverage in the villa or at far corners away from the front garden. As it is provided on shared basis, the connection speed is sufficient for web browsing and controlling your e-mails, but it may fall short for video conference or downloading large size files.

If you need more coverage and connection speed, you can hire our 3G Wi-Fi modem from our office on daily basis or you can work at our office.

Can we exceed villa capacity?

The number of guests exceeding the adult capacity defined for the villas cannot be accepted and additional beds cannot be provided. Persons over 12 are considered adult.

In case you bring guests at check-in or later other than the persons identified in the information form € 30 / daily additional fee will be charged for every additional person if considered appropriate. If the guests are not considered appropriate, Galata A.Ş. reserves the right to cancel the reservation or ask for vacation of the villa before the reservation expires and not to return the security deposit.

Villas have 1 baby cot and 1 high chair as standard. Please contact with our Gocek responsible before your check-in for additional baby cot or high chair.

Payment Terms

Which services do the rates cover?

Accommodation of a number of persons suitable for the defined capacity of the villa, Wi-Fi, all utilities expenses during the rental period, mid cleaning every 7 days, maintenance of the pool and the garden, technical service in case of failure and 8% VAT are included in the rental amount.

We specifically remind you to bring your personal beach towels. You can buy waist clothes from our office if you need.

Rates are provided in EUR for every villa in its page. If you prefer USD or GBP exchange rate at reservation, total rental amount will be calculated at daily exchange rates announced by the Turkish Central Bank. Also if you would like to make your payment through our online system with your credit card at the very end of the payment processes, your payment amount will be exchanged to TL. For this reason, the villa rates can change on daily basis.

What are the payment terms?

30% deposit should be transferred to our bank account or withdrawn from your credit card in 7 days in order to finalize your reservation.
If you fail to transfer the deposit in 7 days, your reservation will be automatically cancelled.

Discounts are only applicable when the deposit is transferred.
Balance payment should be made 21 days before check-in date at the latest.

Should I pay for a security deposit when I take over the villa?

€ 550 security deposit is required when you take over the villa.
Our villas are fully furnished and all equipment in good working order. To cover any loss damage or harm caused by guests, you will be required to sign a document authorizing the withdrawal of up to € 550 from your credit card. Your credit card cannot be blocked or asked for authorization for this deposit amount. Upon departure, if the inventory reveals no instances of loss or damage, this document will be cancelled.
The security deposit may also be paid in cash and to be refunded in cash at check-out.


Is dinnerware available?

All kinds of kitchen equipment, 12-15 pieces of cutlery and crockery, glasses and coffee cups are available for the accommodation capacity in all villas. In addition, you can find cooking pots, frying pans, chopping board, tea towels and knives you may need for cooking.

What kind of electrical appliances are available in the villa?

There is a washing machine, a dish washer, a refrigerator, an electric stove, an oven and a kettle in the villa.

Do you provide detergent for the laundry and the dishes?

Unfortunately, detergent is not available for the washing machine and the dish washer. Only the salt and the polisher of the dish washer are renewed in mid cleaning.


What is included in mid cleaning offered every 7 days?

Bed lining and towels are changed, bathroom waste bins are emptied, bathroom and kitchen floors are mopped and the entire villa is cleaned with the vacuum cleaner in mid cleaning offered every 7 days.

Is additional cleaning available upon request?

Villas are delivered in clean condition and mid cleaning is provided every 7 days.
The entire villa is cleaned with vacuum cleaner, kitchen and bathroom wet floors are mopped, bed lining and towels are changed and bathroom waste bins are emptied during mid cleaning.

Additional cleaning or sets of sheets or towels are available on request and charged as an extra. Prices are available in the service fee list in the villas.
Extra daily cleaning of the villa is € 60.

Please do not request for additional cleaning from the cleaning team not to treat other guest unjustly. Personnel should comply with the daily schedule. You can submit your all requests other than standard cleaning to our Göcek office.

How do garden and pool kept clean?

Garden maintenance is provided every 3 days. Pools are controlled and surface cleaned every day and the bottom of the pool is cleaned every 3 days.

Personnel are required to enter the villa once a week for garden care and cleaning and everyday for pool maintenance. We request from our guests to show consideration for continuity of these services.


Do you accept pets in the villas?

You can bring your pet with you but there is a restriction for species. We request you not to bring dangerous breed of dogs.
Only one pet is allowed for every villa during the peak A season, you can bring more than one pet in other seasons.
Dogs and cats are not allowed to damage commodities or step onto furniture in the villa, scratch around or pee in the garden. In such case, the cost of damages is determined and offset from the security deposit.


How far is the villa located from the nearest airport?

Villas are located 25 km / 30 minutes away from the Dalaman International Airport.

Where can I have my daily shopping?

There are supermarkets such as Migros, Carrefour, MacroCenter, Kipa, Şok, Bim and other local stores where you can find almost everything in Göcek.

In addition, local bazaars are set up in Göcek every Sunday, you can find local food and fabrics from local manufacturers in the bazaar.

Where can I go swimming?

You can swim in the sea for a fee in the Göcek Island, D-Marine beach or Rixos Premium’s beach in Göcek. You can use the beach services in İnlice bay located 5 km to Göcek free of charge or in Günlüklü bay located 10 km to Göcek for a fee.

Where can I eat?

You can eat delicious vegetables and side dishes as well as the grouper fish specific to the region at various restaurants along the sea side boulevard. Moreover, international cuisines offering pizza, pasta and salad options as well as kebab, pide and other Turkish local meals are available.

You can check on the menu prices from the lists located outside the restaurants and cafes.


Do you provide airport transfer service?

We provide airport transfer service. We take up to 10 persons from the airport and bring to the villa. You can contact us for transfer fees.

How can I arrange daily boat tour?

You can depart from Göcek and visit Taşkaya, Kille, Hamam and Göbün bays, Domuz, Tersane and Yassıca islands with daily special boat tour and stay at every bay as long as you want. Please contact with our office for your special boat tour.

Where can I find daily bread, newspaper and magazines?

There is a newsstand at the center of Göcek where you can find Turkish and foreign newspaper and magazines. Moreover, you can have your daily bread and newspaper at your door if you request.

Who provides garden and pool maintenance?

Our personnel offer this service in turns. Garden maintenance is provided every 3 days. Gardens are watered with the automatic sprinkle system at certain intervals in Göcek Hills and manually by the personnel in Vineyard Villas.
Pools are controlled and surface cleaned every day and the bottom of the pool is cleaned every 3 days.

Check-In / Check-Out

What are check in / check out times for the villas?

You can check in at 16:00 at the earliest. You should hand over the villa at 11:00 at the latest when you check-out.

How will I take over the villa?

Before you arrive, we ask for information about your arrival time and arrange the villa. You will be shared address description and telephone number of our Göcek Manager whom you can call to take over the villa when you arrive.
You will sign two documents when we deliver the keys to the villa. These are the Short Term Rental Aggreement and the Security Deposit Form; in addition photos of passports of persons to stay in the villa will be taken and the keys to the house will be delivered afterwards.

Is there an emergency phone line we can call during our stay in the villa?

Telephone number of Göcek Manager whom you can call during your stay is shared with you after your reservation.

How will I hand over the villa?

We come to the villa 1-2 hours before your check-out, after our controls we take over the villa and the keys from you.
We request from our guests to leave all kitchen equipment, electric appliances and remote controls in clean and operating condition as delivered.
If any part of the furniture has been replaced, it should be brought to its original position before delivery. The villa should be handed over with all waste bins and the refrigerator emptied and the barbecue cleaned. Otherwise, or in case the villa is left unreasonably dirty, daily cleaning fee of € 50 will be deducted from the security deposit.
When the villa is handed over properly, the Security Deposit Form is cancelled by our İstanbul office or the deposit amount paid in cash will be fully refunded.