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This is a  web site of GALATA A.Ş.

GALATA A.Ş  is a private property company that specializes in the development and refurbishment of historic properties in Turkey.

GALATA A.Ş maintains this site for your entertainment and as a source of information, as well as a means of communication. Certain sections of this website also offer the possibility of purchasing goods and services, making hotel reservations, as well as ordering information online.
By using the pages contained on GALATA A.Ş website, you, the user, recognize GALATA A.Ş’ Conditions of Use and Contract Terms (“Conditions of Use and Contract Terms”), as well as the applicable laws and directives.

Any special agreements with respect to individual services or products of GALATA A.Ş shall be complementary to these terms and conditions, although in the event of any conflict, the provisions contained in any such special agreements shall prevail.

We therefore advise you, before surfing on our website, to read through the Conditions of Use and Contract Terms set out below. The trademarks, trade names, titles, logos, graphics, designs, texts and other materials used on the site, are the property of the GALATA A.Ş or a company belonging to the GALATA A.Ş. The text and graphic files made available on the site are protected by copyright and/or trademark laws and/or are registered as designs or are otherwise the protected property of GALATA A.Ş.

GALATA A.Ş reserves the right to update the present Conditions of Use and Contract Terms and modify the present text without giving prior notice. Such changes will be binding.

Privacy Policy

The protection of privacy is important to us.
Visitors to GALATA A.Ş website are not required to give us any so-called personal information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers or e-mail addresses.
Your personal information is, however, essential if you want to make use of our services (such as newsletters, reservations, ordering). We use this information exclusively for the purpose of providing the service you have requested. The personal information provided to us is neither sold, let, swapped or otherwise made available to any entity outside GALATA A.Ş and is not used for any other purposes than those outlined in the present statement.

Cookies: In certain cases, GALATA A.Ş makes use of so-called cookies. A cookie is a file that is saved on the user’s hard drive and that contains information on the user which is not used to identify the person. These cookies serve the exclusive purpose of understanding the user’s behaviour and to provide the customer with personal offers. The majority of what the Internet has to offer is also available when you deactivate the cookies (Explorer settings: Tools/Internet Options/General).
Protocol: Your accessing the website may be recorded in a protocol. GALATA A.Ş reserves the right to use this information for exclusively (anonymous) statistical evaluation purposes.
GALATA A.Ş allows some of its partners to place, on GALATA A.Ş website, their logo and a link to their website, when we believe that these companies might be of interest to you. GALATA A.Ş does not verify the data protection standards of these third-party companies. Accessing these sites is undertaken at your own risk.
GALATA A.Ş uses up-to-date encryption and security guidelines and modern technical safety measures. All personal information is collected and secured in databases in accordance with these standards for the sole and exclusive use of GALATA A.Ş.

Conditions of Use and Contract Terms

The entire content of the present website is subject to copyright protection. Without indications to the contrary, as well as written authorisation by GALATA A.Ş, the contents of this site may not be used for any other purposes than those set out in either the present Conditions of Use and Contract Terms or on the present website. Neither GALATA A.Ş, nor a company belonging to the GALATA A.Ş accept any responsibility or liability for any damages incurred by independent third parties not belonging to the GALATA A.Ş, caused by the use of the materials made available at this site.
Downloading and using the contents of this website is only allowed when  done for non-commercial, information-related and private purposes, and when the copyright signs are not removed, documents remain unaltered, and all copyright, trademark and intellectual property-related indications given in the context of these materials are respected. No other use of the materials on this homepage is allowed. The photos, images, designs, logos, titles and trademarks published on this site (both registered and unregistered), as well as all other contents of this website, are either the property of GALATA A.Ş, or have been used with the authorisation of third parties. The use of these contents by users may not take place without written authorisation from GALATA A.Ş or those third parties who are owners of the corresponding rights. Said contents may not be transmitted, transformed, published, transferred, further exploited, forwarded, inserted into other systems, or put to public or commercial use. Offenders will be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

Although GALATA A.Ş makes every effort to ensure that the contents of this site is used correctly, neither GALATA A.Ş nor any of the companies belonging to the GALATA A.Ş can guarantee that the information made available is up to date, correct or complete, including, but not limited to, the investor relation part of the website. Nor can GALATA A.Ş assume any responsibility with regard to the information provided at this site corresponding to the intended purposes of the user.
GALATA A.Ş declines to accept any liability or responsibility for incorrect or incomplete content on the site. Particularly documents or graphics may contain technical or typographical errors. The use, browsing or downloading of documents or files from this site shall take place at the user’s own risk. The user is also responsible for the security of their data. Moreover, GALATA A.Ş declines any responsibility and shall not be liable for any viruses or other damages caused to the computer systems of users, or for damages to other property, which have been caused by accessing, using or browsing the site, or by downloading materials, data, text, graphics, as well as video or audio materials from the site.
GALATA A.Ş, the companies belonging to the GALATA A.Ş, and all other parties who have participated  in the design, production or setting up of this site, categorically decline to accept any liability for direct, coincidental, or indirect damages as well as for consequential damages or injury claims, which arise due to accessing or using this site. In particular, GALATA A.Ş declines to accept any liability, in the event that a contractual relationship should exist between it and the user, for any minor violation of its obligations that occurs due to negligence insofar as no contract-relevant obligations or guaranteed characteristics or claims are involved, which are based upon product liability laws. The same applies for any parties GALATA A.Ş shall use to aid it in fulfilling its obligations.
All personal data sent to GALATA A.Ş shall be handled in accordance with the Privacy Policy set out on this page. Other communications or materials which you send to GALATA A.Ş via Internet or e-mail (ideas, images, graphics, questions, comments, suggestions, etc.) will not be handled as confidential and will not enjoy private property protection, but will become the exclusive property of GALATA A.Ş and may accordingly be used exclusively by GALATA A.Ş without any compensation obligations.
Cross-references (links): Links to other service providers or websites are offered purely as a service. GALATA A.Ş has not verified any of the websites it offers links to and is not responsible for their contents or privacy policies. Following links to other sites will cause you to leave GALATA A.Ş website. The websites GALATA A.Ş offers links to are not subject to GALATA A.Ş’s control. GALATA A.Ş assumes no guarantee or liability for webcasting or other forms of linking websites to third parties. Such use takes place at the sole risk of you, the user, and without our authorisation.
Deep linking: Links to this website are only allowed to take users to the first page of the site ("homepage"). Deep linking (whereby users are linked to a subpage within the website) is only allowed with the express permission of GALATA A.Ş. Framing the website, individual pages and/or objects of this website is only allowed with explicit authorisation.

Local legal restrictions

GALATA A.Ş website is not directed to any person in any jurisdiction where (by reason of that person's nationality, residence or otherwise) the publication or availability of GALATA A.Ş website is prohibited. Persons in respect of whom such prohibitions apply must not access GALATA A.Ş website.

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April 15, 2017


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